Wideband-gan-ecm - AM4/0.3-6-45-45

The series AM4 covers frequencies of 0.35GHz to 6.00GHz and has a maximum output power of 30 watts


Product Series: AM4

The AM4 series is specifically designed for RF jamming. With wideband instantaneous power in a compact outline suitable for installation in fixed, mobile and portable systems, these amplifiers utilise the very latest GaN semiconductor devices to achieve unrivalled performance. Supplied in modular form for OEM system integration.


  • Frequency Range : 0.3 – 6GHz
  • Small Signal Gain : 55dB min, 58dB typ
  • Gain Flatness : 5dB p-p max, 4dB typ
  • RF Input Drive for rated Output : -2dBm nom
  • RF Input Drive (survival) : +15dBm max
  • Saturated Output Power @ 40C Case : +44.5dBm min, +45dBm typ
  • Saturated Output Power @ 60C Case : +44dBm min, +44.5dBm typ
  • Flatness @ Psat : 2.5dB p-p max, 2dB typ
  • Non-Harmonic Spurious : -80dBc min
  • Input Return Loss : 10dB min
  • Output Return Loss : 10dB typ @ Psat
  • Load VSWR : 3:1 max (see note)
  • Power Supply : +50V DC, 2.8A typ @ Sat O/P
  • Efficiency @ Sat O/P : 20% typ
  • Dimensions (LWH) : 160 × 90 × 28mm excl conns
  • Weight : 600g nom

Protection Features

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Rugged milled enclosure

Controls & Monitors

  • TTL control, High = OFF


  • SMA/N type RF connectors
  • Heatsinks with/without fan cooling
  • Passivated/painted finishes

Note: This amplifier must not be operated at maximum output into a load VSWR greater (worse) than 3:1. Excessive reflected power from load mismatch (in particular open or short circuits), may result in immediate and permanent damage. Failure of the output stage in this product is specifically excluded from warranty cover.