Test-and-measurement - AM81/50W---Narrowband-GaAs

The series AM81 covers frequencies of 0.70GHz to 3.90GHz and has a maximum output power of 50 watts


Product Series: AM81


For 2 Tone 3rd Order Intermodulation Testing These linear amplifiers are ideally suited for IMD testing of filters, combiners, and connectors used in wireless telecom systems. Available covering each cellular band, all models utilise the latest LDMOS/GaAs technology providing cost effective power in a rugged and reliable platform designed to provide user friendly maintenance free operation. Supplied individually in 19" chassis or in modular form, or as a matched pair in a 19" chassis, these amplifiers are selected from our standard range – please refer to product pages for general specifications within the Power Amplifiers listing section. Gain: 47dB Output Power: +47dBm Typical Specifications
  • Gain Flatness: 1dB p-p max
  • Input Return Loss: 10dB min, 14dB typ
  • Output Return Loss: 14dB min, 17dB typ
  • Power Supply: +12/28V DC (modules), 110/240V AC (19" units)
  • Connectors: N Female
  • Class AB linear design
  • Unconditional stability
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Open & short cct protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Regulated power supply
  • 19" bench/rack mounting
  • Weatherproof transit cases
  • Power heatsinks
  • Cooling fans
  • Output monitors
  • TTL enable/disable
  • Gain/temp compensation