Radar-power-modules - AM61/9.7S-20-61---Pulsed-Power

The series AM61 covers frequencies of 9.71GHz to 9.73GHz and has a maximum output power of 1400 watts


Product Series: AM61

1.4kW X-Band Solid-State Power

Utilising the latest GaN transistor technology, AM61 amplifiers are designed for X-Band RADAR applications. Two power modules each containing four 200W transistors are combined in waveguide. This model is suitable for use in weather monitoring systems including rainfall measurement, with pulsed signals up to 100uS with up to 10% duty given sufficient cooling. Mechanically robust and with protection circuits to ensure long-term reliability, the amplifier is supplied in modular form for OEM system integration.


  • Frequency Coverage : 9.71 to 9.73GHz
  • Peak Output Power : +61.5dBm min, +62dBm typ
  • Peak Output Power Flatness : 0.2dB p-p max
  • Input Drive for rated Output : +41dBm
  • RF Input Drive (Survival): +43dBm 
  • Duty Cycle : 10% max
  • Input Pulse Width : 100uS max
  • Amplitude Droop : 0.2dB max in 10uS, 0.5dB typ in 100uS
  • RF Rise Time : 50nS max
  • Harmonics : -80dBc min
  • Non-Harmonic Spurious : -80dBc min
  • Input Return Loss : 14dB min, 17dB typ
  • Input Return Loss : 17dB min, 19dB typ
  • Fwd & Rev RF Monitors : -30dBc +/-1dB
  • TTL Control : High = OFF, transition time 5uS max
  • Power Supply : +50V DC, -7V DC,
  • Standby Current : 1000mA nom
  • Efficiency : 25% nom
  • Case Temp Range : -10 to 75C
  • RF Connectors : SMA/N Female I/P, WR90 O/P
  • Dimensions LWH : See outline


  • Unconditional stability
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Reverse power protection (integral circulator with dummy load
  • TTL blanking with capacitive coupling
  • Alodine passivation finish