High-energy-physics - AM59/2.85S-64-64---Pulsed Power

The series AM59 covers frequencies of 2.84GHz to 2.87GHz and has a maximum output power of 2500 watts


Product Series: AM59

Utilising the latest GaN power transistor technology, the AM59 series amplifier is designed for high efficiency pulsed power. With fast rise times & low pulse distortion the amplifier is ideally suited to applications in high-energy physics, typically as drivers for Klystron tubes. A control line is provided for remote operation, whilst RF samples of forward and reflected power are available for monitoring. Protection circuits are incorporated to ensure safety and long-term reliability. Available in modular form for OEM system integration, and with integral air-cooling.


  • Frequency Coverage : 2.856GHz +/-20MHz
  • Peak Output Power : +64dBm min
  • Input Drive for rated Output : 0dBm
  • RF Input Drive (Survival): +20dBm (CW)
  • Duty Cycle : 5% max
  • Input Pulse Width : 100uS max
  • Amplitude Droop : 0.1dB typ in 10uS, 1dB max in 100uS
  • RF Rise/Fall Time : 100nS max
  • Harmonics : -40dBc min
  • Non-Harmonic Spurious : -80dBc min
  • Input Return Loss : 14dB min, 17dB typ
  • Output Return Loss : 14dB min, 17dB typ
  • Fwd & Rev RF Monitors : -30dBc +/-1dB
  • TTL Control : High = OFF, transition time 5uS max, 3uS typ
  • Power Supply : +50V DC, -8V DC,
  • Standby Current : 100mA nom
  • Efficiency : 45% nom
  • Case Temp Range : -10 to 75C
  • RF Connectors : SMA/N Female
  • Dimensions LWH : 320x180x50mm (102mm with heatsink)


  • Unconditional stability
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Reverse power protection (integral circulator with dummy load)
  • Over temp protection & alarm
  • Duty limiter
  • TTL blanking with capacitive coupling
  • Alodine passivation finish