High-energy-physics - AM96/20kW-Pulsed-Power-Systems

The series AM96 covers frequencies of 1.20GHz to 1.40GHz and has a maximum output power of 20000 watts


Product Series: AM96

Solid-State High Power Amplifier System AM96 The AM96 HPA system offers pulsed RF power up to 20kW with 10% duty. Up to eight 2.5kW phase-matched PAs based on a CW design are radially combined in an EMC screened chassis for ultra-high reliability and extended life. Applications include Accelerator Systems and Aviation RADAR. These systems are custom-built for specific applications. Frequency, gain, output power & pulse conditions are all tailored to the requirement within a common functionality which provides operation in manual and remote modes, with a full suite of control & monitoring features. All systems are fully compliant with EMC regulations and CE certified. Please contact us to discuss your applications. photo3 copy Microwave Amplifiers Ltd warrants for two years from date of shipment that the goods supplied will be in fully compliance with the agreed specifications and will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any and all other warranties (except of title) express or implied, relating to fitness for particular purpose, merchantable quality or otherwise are expressly disclaimed. Seller will not be responsible for special or consequential loss or damages. Liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of defective products subject to the return of the product intact, and un-tampered with by the buyer.