High-energy-physics - AM10/1.3S-53-53---CW/Pulsed-Power

The series AM10 covers frequencies of 1.28GHz to 1.32GHz and has a maximum output power of 250 watts


Product Series: AM10

Utilising the latest GaN & LDMOS transistor technology, AM10 amplifiers are designed for high efficiency applications. This L-band model is suitable for operation with CW pulsed or modulated signals, and will output the full rated power into a load of any vswr or phase. Excellent low-distortion (flat-top) pulse response for use in accelerator systems. Mechanically robust and with protection circuits to ensure long-term reliability, the amplifier can be supplied in modular form for OEM system integration, with optional integral air-cooling, or as a complete stand-alone instrumentation model in 19" chassis for rackmount or bench-top use.

  • Frequency Coverage : 1.28 to 1.32GHz
  • Gain : 53dB min
  • Gain Flatness : 1dB p-p max
  • Output Power @ 1dB GCP : +52.5dBm typ
  • Output Power Saturated : +53.5dBm min, +54dBm typ
  • RF Rise/Fall Time : 50nS max
  • Amplitude Droop : 0.1dB in 10uS @ max Pout
  • Harmonics @ P1dB : -50dBc min
  • Non-Harmonic Spurious : -65dBc min
  • Input Return Loss : 14dB min, 17dB typ
  • Input Return Loss : 17dB min, 19dB typ
  • Fwd & Rev RF Monitors : -30dBc +/-1dB
  • Power Supply : +50V DC, 10A nom @ max Pout, -8V DC,
  • Efficiency : 50% nom
  • Case Temp Range : -10 to 75C
  • RF Connectors : SMA/N Female
  • Dimensions LWH : 250x120x50mm (H 100mm with heatsink)
  • Unconditional stability
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Reverse power protection (integral circulator with dummy load)
  • Over temp protection & alarm
  • Integral forced air cooling option
  • Output power detector
  • TTL control line (+5V = OFF) Switching speed 5uS max
  • Alodine passivation finish