200W 2-6GHz GaN Amplifier


Microwave Amps now offers a Gallium Nitride, 200W, Wideband, 2 – 6GHz amplifier module. With this new addition to the wideband GaN family of products, we are now able to offer 200W from 20MHz to 6GHz in only 3 modules. The main target for this module is the Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), and Jamming markets. This sector continues to grow and develop rapidy across the world, as the threat of global terrorism continues to be very real. The New capability allows ECM and Jamming system designers greater flexibility when specifying the requirements of their systems. The obvious advantage is the higher power which offers extended operational range to any system, but also the high power density allows a more compact system to be designed. See the Wideband GaN ECM section in the "Products by Application" drop-down. AM12-2-6-52-52